God’s Plan And The Rapture

Q. If the plan of God is 4000 years between Adam/Eve and Christ, then 2000 years of the “church age” before the 1000 years of the millennium, and the church age didn’t start untill Pentecost in 30AD, doesn’t that mean that we still have to wait at least until 2030  for the rapture? And if this is correct what does this do to the 1948+70 years prophecy?

A. This division of time is an approximation made by man based on observation, and is not intended to be an exact prophecy. No one knows for sure when time actually began. But it’s been demonstrated that if God had said this He would have been referring to 360 day years, the way He created them to be, not the 365.25 day years that we use.  In that case 2000 years on his calendar would only have been 1971 on ours.  Adding 30 years to that would have brought the Church Age to close in 2001. And that wouldn’t have been correct either.

The 1948 +70 calculations are based on two specific Bible verses, Matt. 24:34 and Psalm 90:10.  Even so I prefer to see them as approximations as well.  But at least they’re approximations based on Scripture, not man’s observation.

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