How CLose Is Psalm 83?

Q. How are far are we from the Psalm 83 war? I am almost afraid to know. What would trigger Israel  to destroy Damascus? I know there has been talks lately of israel invading Lebanon,but yet also Syria invading Lebanon. Who will do i t first and who will spark the flame? Are we talking a year,6 months or what? How does this do with the rapture? Apparently the rapture isnt until that last person has accepted Christ so is there a chance time could drag out this war?

A. Although both could be imminent, there’s no connection between Psalm 83 and the Rapture.  No one knows for certain when Psalm 83 could be fulfilled, although it’s the most likely of all and times confrontations to happen next.  Jewish officials have warned that if Lebanon attacks Israel, it will hold Syria responsible and will respond against Damascus.  To that end, the Syrian government has removed all its archives out of the city and re-located many of its critical functions like command centers to other parts of the country.  I believe that Isaiah 17‘s prophecy of the destruction of Damascus will take place coincidentally with Psalm 83, and both will happen soon.

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