The Seven “I AM” Statements In John

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A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

Recently I completely re-vamped a study I had originally written in 2003, entitled “The Seven Miracles In John” .  In it I showed how John selected these seven miracles specifically for their ability to help us believe that Jesus is who He claimed to be, and that by believing we might have eternal life.

In addition to these seven miracles John’s gospel contains seven “I am” statements.  Their focus is on what happens after we become believers.  You can call them part 2 of John’s underlying message to the Church.   In this study, we’ll  look at these seven “I am” statements to see what they’ll tell us.  Here’s the first one.

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Q. Is vegetarianism in the Bible? I read that Daniel went vegetarian to avoid eating sinful foods offered by the king.  Jesus was a Nazarene. Weren’t they vegetarians? Jesus fed the people fish but it did not say that he actually ate it.  The ten commandments say not to kill. Doesn’t that include animals?

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Get Behind Me Satan

Q. Peter didn’t like Jesus’ idea that He should come to Jerusalem to die.  The Lord quickly identified who is really speaking there and said :”Get behind me, Satan”.  Why did Satan want to stop the Lord from dying there, if he tried to kill Jesus from time when he was a baby?

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The Way It Was Meant To Be. Follow Up

Q.  Re: The Way It Was Meant To Be.  Why is it necessary to “lump” into a general category, “prosperity teachers” and then accuse that “group” of being greedy and spending all their money on themselves? I find this distasteful and not very gracious.  My husband follows you and thinks that when I listen to some whom he lumps in with your description, they are “false”.  Yet I read your article, and it agrees completely with the lessons that my “prosperity” teachers have taught me!!

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Easy Believism Or Saved By Grace?

Q. I was doing my daily bible study the other day, and I started thinking about salvation. I know that we are saved by trusting in Jesus, who took all of our sins to the cross. I went online, and came across several sites that call this “easy believism”. So I looked at what they think the bible says about being saved, and they seem to say the same thing that easy believism supporters say, which is trusting that Jesus paid the price for our sins, so that we won’t have to suffer for them. I’m very confused; I can’t seem to find the difference between “easy believism” and “grace through faith”. I hope you can shed some light on this for me.

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How Do I Renew My Mind?

Q. I understand that it is God’s Will that I be sanctified. And I understand from Romans 12:1-2 that I am transformed by renewing my mind. How do I renew my mind so all the Spiritual Gifts in my spirit can be released ? I understand that until I do this, my mind remains with the leftover old programming from my old nature ! My biggest area of defeat is my emotions and anger in particular. Thank you so much for this web site and all your sound spiritual advice.

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Parable Of The Sower. Follow Up

Q.  From the Parable of the Sower, is being fruitful referring to the nine Spiritual fruits born in our character? Do ‘deeds’ or ‘good works’ then have to follow ‘fruits’? At the believers’ judgment for rewards, will our Lord judge us on works or fruits or are they both the same thing? Thanks for your help.

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What Does God’s Law Mean To Us?

Q.  I have been reading the book of Leviticus and my question is this. As a church saved by grace I find that we still refer back to the law, in this instance, the book of Leviticus for a very detailed and exacting guidance of righteous living before God. I know these guidelines were written for Israel but some of them were and are still relevant to our life today. Many churches will point a finger at specific scriptures that they believe support their doctrine (for example tattooing)   I would appreciate some clarity on this subject.

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