What Is A Mason?

I would like to know what a mason is. I was told that when my father-in-law was a member of the VFW and the Knights of Columbus that he was a member of a secret society. People tell me he was a mason and that this was not Christian. Please explain.

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Am I Challenging Authority?

In my church the leader of the youth always tells us when we’re wrong and that we’re to submit (to authority). I don’t want to challenge authority but I don’t like to feel like I have no ability to be unique.

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The Incarnate God And Human DNA

If and it is so that Yeshua is God manifest in the flesh, then does it not mean that He is, was and always shall be God? One of your commentaries on Christmas says He was only God at conception, and that is misleading.

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The Mark Of Cain

Q. Here’s a question I am sure has been asked and answered a million times. But, I have never seen an answer. Does God reveal to us anyplace in scripture what was the Mark of Cain? Many thanks for your answer.

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The Week With Two Sabbaths

My question is regarding your commentary about “Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery”

Mark 16:1 says that they bought sweet species AFTER the Sabbath, but Luke 23:56 says they bought them BEFORE the Sabbath. Which Sabbath was Mark referring to?

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The Father’s Will

Q. I’ve recently listened to a sermon from a well known pastor, and his call on biblical repentance, and holy living. One of his key statements, if you will, is that it isn’t if you know Christ, for even Satan knows him, but if Christ knows YOU, that determines if you are really saved.

This bothers me quite a bit, although he uses Matt 7:21 to justify his sermon, about those that say Lord, Lord, etc. We have verses like Rom 10:13 that say everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

So, I guess to finally get to my question: how do we compare these two things? If Jesus said those that are mine do the will of the Father, and yet it would appear that very few ARE doing the will of the Father, are they in fact truly saved?

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Idol Worship?

A Pastor spoke today on having images in the house like birds, fish, and of course, statues. He said they are to be removed so as not to defile the house and ourselves. Should they be removed?

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The Keys Of Death And Hades

I’m wondering about the belief that Jesus descended to hell and took the keys to hell from Satan. I don’t understand from whence came the idea that Satan had the keys. Is it in the bible somewhere that he had the keys, or is this just an extrapolation?

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