Does God Know The Rapture Timing?

Q.   My question concerns the verse in Romans that states the rapture will happen when the last Gentile is saved (my paraphrase) and thus it is a numbers based event not a specific day/hour event.  I contend that there is a specific day/hour out there, perhaps very close now, known only to God.  He isn’t delaying the rapture.  He isn’t tarrying, and He can’t be hurried.  It’s a specific day/hour that only He knows, but it’s out there.

As a follow up, there certainly are Jews coming to Messiah by faith these days, myself being one of them.  So when the verse in Romans talks about the last Gentile coming to Jesus, what about Jews?

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What Will We Do After The Rapture?

Q.  I am confused on what the Church will be doing during the actual tribulation. If we are raptured directly into the New Jerusalem, will we be cognizant of the horrors that are happening on earth? Will we be able to see any friends/loved ones left behind and their struggles? And, at the end of the 1000 year reign, where is the church during the final battle?

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Elenin And The Earthquakes

Q.  Be on the look out for another major earthquake on September 26-27 when Elenin is in alignment again with the Sun and Earth.  When Elenin was aligned previously with the Sun and Earth, the Earth had major earthquakes:  2/27/10 – Chile; 9/1/10 – Christhchurch, New Zealand; and 3/11/11 – Japan.   You can verify this on NASA’s website:  Is it coincidental that the UN will be meeting/deciding at this same time (week of September 26) on establishing a Palestinian state?

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Why Not Sept. 29?

Q.  In your current article you seem to say the rapture can’t happen on Sept. 29.  Couldn’t God arrange to have the full number of Gentiles come in by Sept. 29 to have the rapture happen on the Feast of Trumpets?

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Remember Lot’s Wife

Q.  In the case of Lot’s wife, I assumed that when she was pulled out of Sodom and Gomorrah with Lot and the family that they were saved because they were found righteous to be spared. If that’s so, why would she be turned to the pillar of salt just for looking behind. I realize she didn’t follow the directions to not look back, but I don’t understand why she was punished like that. It’s like how we’re saved and we still disobey on occasion but we’re still saved from the wrath. So why wasn’t she?

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How Long Can Israel Go On Like This?

Q. Do you think that Jesus would consider the modern state of Israel today a ” synagogue of Satan”? I often wonder how long God will allow the nation of Israel to exist without recognizing Jesus as Messiah. The year 2018 ( Lord willing ) will be 70 yrs. that the Jews have been back in the land. It seems as if the Jews have been in a type of captivity within the land since 1948.

Between the political pressure from the U.S.A and Europe and terrorism from it’s neighbors one would think Israel would at least look at the possibility that their suffering may be a result of their willful blindness. Many Orthodox Jews don’t think there should be a Nation of Israel until all Jews repent and return to God, they see the modern state of Israel as illegitimate and apostate…in some respects I see their point.  What do you think?

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Still More On No One Knows

Q. I am confused. How is it that we cannot know the day of Jesus return to this soon to be devastated earth when in the book of Daniel CH 12:11 it says that from the time that the abomination that makes desolate to Jesus return is 1290 days, then those who survive to 1335 days (45 additional days) will be welcomed into the millennium (Dan 12:12) . The Rapture of the church has no signs preceding it. It will happen when the full number of the Gentiles has come in. When that day or hour will be is known only to God. So, in light of what is written in Daniel, those who become believers after the Rapture and see the abomination that makes desolate in the Temple in Jerusalem can count 1290 days from that time and know the day the Lord our Savior will return. Am I missing something?

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Babylon’s Destruction

Q. In your article titled ‘Mystery Babylon…what’s the mystery’ you state the following.

“But during the Gulf War they discovered that ancient Babylon had never been destroyed in the way the Bible describes. Further research showed that it’s been continuously inhabited since the days of Nebuchadnezzar, and Saddam Hussein has expended much effort in restoring it.”

I am a believer but this confuses me since the Bible is to be 100% accurate.  Can you please explain this?

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What Do Mark And Beast Mean?

Q. Would you be kind enough to re-visit the word “MARK” as translated from the Greek with your usual excellent commentary/sources?  Also, what about the word “BEAST??” Is a similar Greek word used in other sections of the New  Testament?

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Rapture Or 2nd Coming?

Q. I have read where you have said on multiple occasions that Mark 13:32 “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father”  is not talking about the rapture but about the 2nd coming.  I have really come to respect and enjoy your teachings over the last few months, and while I do not doubt what you are saying is true, I also do not see why that verse has to be talking about the 2nd coming and not rapture. Can you set me straight on this?

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