Losing Salvation

You mentioned in one of your answers that the belief of Assemblies of God and Church of God relates to losing our salvation if we don’t live right. But if that’s not true in the whole sense, does it mean that if I accept the Lord into my heart once, regardless of how I live my life, I would still go to heaven?….Wouldn’t I lose my salvation?

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Divorce Question Follow up

In response to ‘ a divorce question’ I have always believed that God looks unfavorably on the breaking of covenants. At what point do we stop praying and waiting for healing to take place, when God’s own example shows him continually waiting for the return of his beloved people?

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Praying For My Family

I have a real prayer burden for my children and their spouses. They reject the Bible as the Word of God. One even said that it’s” just words written by men and I know men.” When I point out that- It claims to the “inspired ” Word given by the Holy Spirit to holy men , and it’s historical accuracy , the test of time, etc…they turn a deaf ear.

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Ministering To A Fallen Pastor

My pastor, a man I’ve known and respected my whole life and who has been the head of my church for 8 years, was recently arrested in a police sting at a park for making a sexual advance to an undercover male police officer.

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Born Gay?

I have a brother-in-law who has left his wife of 17 years and three almost grown daughters, for another man. He has convinced himself and daughters that he fought off this desire for years until God told him he was born that way and must embrace the lifestyle for his happiness.

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Keeping A Promise To God

In the past years I received a promise, and then I received many signs that confirmed that promise. But I have sinned because I made a promise to God too and I have not fulfilled it. Is God going to fulfill the promise or it is possible that God will retract the promise by my behavior?

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Can I Ever Remarry?

If marital unfaithfulness and/or marriage to an unbeliever are the only biblically acceptable reasons for divorce, then can I ever remarry?

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Will The Real Jack Kelley Please Stand Up?

Q. I have been a faithful follower of yours for almost a year. Just today, a good friend challenged me by quoting your background. Please comment on the internet publicity that you have been “unreliable” in your reporting via USA Today. How can we depend on what you share with us on your Grace Thru Faith site?

A. If you read my bio (click on the “about” link on the top menu bar) you’ll see that I’m not the Jack Kelley from USA today. (In fact there are several famous Jack Kelley’s and I’m not any of them.) Tell your friend to do the same, and then suggest that he or she ask the Lord’s forgiveness for spreading unsubstantiated gossip.

But irrespective of that, the reason you can depend on what I say on the website is that I back it up with Scripture, giving you chapter and verse so you can confirm it. You shouldn’t automatically trust anything any Bible teacher tells you, but like the Bereans should “receive the word with all readiness of heart but search the Scriptures daily to see if those things be true.” (Acts 17:11)