Three And One Half Years Of Peace?

Q. I always taught and thought the anti-Christ would be revealed at the signing of the peace treaty between himself and the leader of Israel.  And that the rapture would take place right before.  And that the first 3 1/2 years of the anti’s rule would be peaceful, then he would be indwelt by Satan for the last 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation.  Where am I going wrong?

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Is There A Second Chance?

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

If you believe as I do that the Bible teaches the rapture of the Church will occur before Daniel’s 70th Week begins then you’ve no doubt wondered what will happen to those among your friends and family who will miss it. Will they get another chance to be saved?

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Post Church Salvation Reviewed

Q.  Can you explain to me how those “left behind” after the rapture will come to a saving knowledge of Christ?  2 Thessalonian 2:6-7 states that He who now restrains  will be removed before the man of lawlessness (Antichrist?) is revealed. Many scholars think that “He who now restrains” is the Holy Spirit with the church which will be both removed at the rapture, but then without the Holy Spirit on Earth how can people come to Christ?   Also some support the idea that salvation during the tribulation will be a mix of faith + good deeds. If this is so it sounds completely like a new paradigm in which what we now know about the doctrine of salvation will change. Is this “new paradigm” anywhere explained in the Bible?

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No 7 Year Tribulation. Follow Up

Q.  Re: There Is No 7 Year Tribulation.  You say there is no 7 year tribulation and the church will go through the world, but not suffer the wrath of God. In Matthew 24, Jesus says in verse 13, whoever endures to the end [of the events in verses 6-12], the same shall be saved. Can you explain how this pertains to tribulation survivors? I believe it does apply to tribulation survivors since church age believers have eternal security, but I just want to know how it pertains to tribulation saints if there is no 7 year tribulation.

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More On Tribulation Martyrs

Q. I have a question concerning the answer from the question regarding tribulation saints.  Since the Tribulation Saints will appear in heaven before the Great Tribulation, does this mean there will be no more tribulation believers martyred during the Great Tribulation?  Or, if there are, when will they be resurrected and where will they go?  Will they also appear in heaven at the end of that period or go into the millennium?

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God’s Wrath And The Great Tribulation

Q.  I’ve been under the impression that the tribulation was the 7-year period following the rapture. Based on your most recent post it seems a distinction is being made between God’s wrath beginning in Rev 16 and the Great Tribulation starting in Rev 13.  Could you amplify?

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The Early Church And The Rapture

Q. We are studying Revelation in the home study at my house, and I know I am going to butt heads with the leader over the Rapture. He is convinced of a “mid trib” Rapture, because he doesn’t believe we would be taken out of the world to escape persecution, which is all he sees in the first half, not the wrath of God.

He has also cited that tired “fact” that no church father ever taught or believed in a rapture. I know there is not a huge amount written about it, but I do know there are some who believed it. Would you give an example please?

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The Peace Treaty And The 10 Kings

Q.  I know that the peace agreement of Daniel, between Israel and “the many” will be made or confirmed by the antichrist. So of course I’m watching anything that smacks of a peace agreement, knowing that it will be a false peace. However, I thought that the 10 Kings would  rise first. My husband thinks that the peace agreement may come first with the 10 Kings rising afterwards. Since this person would be known to have made “peace” with Israel, this makes him even more known in the group of 10 Kings. What do you see or think in this scenario?

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There Is No Seven Year Tribulation. Follow Up

Q.  Re: There Is No Seven Year Tribulation.  In this article you claim the notion of a seven year tribulation is unbiblical. I am going to disagree and the Word conveys that it will be for seven years. I am preterist and believe it happened from 66Ad-73AD.

Ezekiel 39:9  And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:

Please consider redoing or taking down your article to help decrease division in the church.

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More About The Seven Year Treaty?

Q. Can you tell me more about the 7 year peace treaty? Between whom will it take place, when and will we be raptured before then? Is it the last thing to take place before the rapture?

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