Explaining Matt. 11:12

Q. In Matthew 11:12, who is taking the kingdom by force, what does this passage mean?? I have tried to find a commentary on it but to no avail.

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2 Thes. 2:3, Falling Away Or Departure?

Q.  The other night I was listening to (a well known teacher)  concerning the rapture. He brought up 2nd Thess. 2:3 where in a lot of translations it’s called the falling away or the “apostate Church! He said that the Greek word  seemed to also mean “departing” which would be more evidence for the pre – tribulation rapture. I have the Geneva translation and they use “the departing” instead of “the falling away”!  I’m sure that  others have written to you concerning this! I do think that as the days progress with time closing in that not only is this great news but we will have more understanding concering the times (as long as it’s fitting in the scriptures).

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Angel Or Eagle?

Q. I’ve read Revelation about 100 times, but just finally had an “ah ha!” moment regarding 8:13.  Why is it that throughout Revelation it is angels pouring out bowls of wrath and blowing trumpets, etc., and then all of a sudden an eagle shows up hollering “woe”? Who or what is the eagle?

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In The Image Of God, Follow Up

Q. Thank God for the bountiful knowledge He has given you.

I have a question that is similar to the question today regarding the meaning of “In The Image Of God”.  I was listening to a popular radio show a couple of days ago and man of the Jewish faith, possibly a Rabbi, mentioned that in the Torah the meaning of “in His image” actually translates as “in His shadow”.  I’m just curious as to what you think.

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The End Of The Age

I was wondering.  Did God have John mention Gog/Magog in Revelation in order to give us some information about the Gog/Magog in Ezekiel?  Specifically, that the Ezekiel Gog/Magog war will also end one age and begin another. Meaning the end of the Church age and the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week? It seems like you might have already said as much.

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Interpreting Scripture

Q. We all know that there are different methods of interpreting Scripture. Some “spiritualize” it and attribute it to allegory. Others, such as me and you interpret Scripture “literally, historically and grammatically.” Is there any place in Scripture where God told us how he wanted us to interpret his Word? How did we come to the consensus that Scripture was to be interpreted “this” way as opposed to “that” way?

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How Long Has Man Been On Earth?

Q. I have a couple of questions I need your help to find answers to.

1. How long has mankind been on this earth?
2. Is there any information in the Bible to help us answer the above question?

I would really appreciate your help to answer the above questions.

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Does Mark 16 Belong In The Bible?

Q. I have heard that Mark 16:9-20 does not belong in the Bible.  When I looked this up on the internet, it would appear that many people hold to that idea also but go on to say that the fact that it appears in most Bibles is no problem as it does not affect and doctrinal beliefs.  Now, I’m no scholar nor to I even remotely have a handle on history but I would think that this would cause a problem.

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The Will Of My Father

Q. I would appreciate an explanation of Matt. 7:21 in relationship to salvation. If you accept Christ’s gift of grace, and turn your life over to him,  can you lose your salvation if  you don’t do the will of God?

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