Can’t Wait That Long!

You and Hal (Lindsey) both talk as the lion is at the door and surrounding Israel. The whole Arab world armed by America. Damascus going bye-bye?

My question is how can this possibly continue until the end of seventy years from 1948 or 1967?

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Failed Prophecies Of The Bible?

The following question came into my in box a few days ago and seemed to merit a more detailed answer that I usually have room for in our “Ask A Bible Teacher” column. Here it is.

Q. What is your opinion on the alleged ‘failed prophecies’ of the Bible listed below?

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Satanic Miracles

These days we are witnessing various (proven) healings in Christian Churches. Can the devil be linked to healings?

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Pre Wrath Rapture?

Q. I am a believer in the pre tribulation view point with one of the major reasons being that believers are not meant for wrath (1 Thes. 5:9 among others). However, I find that the first time the “wrath” of God is mentioned in Revelation is with the sixth seal (Rev 6:17). Could it be that the 4 Horsemen and the Souls of the Martyrs (seals 1-5) might occur before the rapture?

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You Shall Not Make An Idol Of Anything

Something I’ve been concerned about lately (to the point of severe distress) is the arguments I’ve heard against images of Christ, and how that is clearly in violation of the second commandment. What do you think about these issues?

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The Timing Of Isaiah 17

Q. I would like to know if there is any evidence of a general time frame for the Isaiah 17 prophecy to be fulfilled? I see many Bible teachers mentioning that it could be fulfilled pretty soon given the current situation in Syria. Do you think there’s any merit to this view that the Bible might not be totally clear on when the prophecy will be fulfilled?

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Punished Forever?

I’ve always struggled with the concept of Hell. I can understand the concept that if you reject God, you reject everything that defines his Character: Faith, Hope and Love and all he created. However, I can’t understand why God appears to go out of his way to make Hell painful.

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Two Questions

1st question, ” How long of time was it between the taking of Enoch to Heaven and the time of the Flood of Noah? ”

2nd question, ” Do you see that most of the Second Coming Prophecy’s are mostly starting and being fulfilled after 1948 or are they mostly starting and being fulfilled after 1967? ”

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