Rev. 22:1-6 Follow Up

Q. On your reply to the question on Revelation 22:1-6.  I do not  understand how one comes to the belief that this is in Israel, and as for the growing seasons, I don’t understand how one can think there are growing seasons for this tree either as it clearly says that there is no day or night for God is our continual light and the river flows from the throne of God.  Is not the throne of God in heaven?

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Will I Fit In?

Q. Most people want to know about who’ll they’ll remember or see. My question is about our personalities. I’m not one for wanting to be around crowds. As for here on earth, being left alone with my bride and son on our homestead with our animals and garden suits me fine. Then there’s the time I spend with Jesus Christ alone with my bow chasing game to hunt or fish. Others might want to race about the universe but not me. There’s no marriages in heaven so my family won’t be together. Since there’s probably no killing in heaven I guess hunt’n and fish’n are out. The things the Lord has blessed me with here on earth probably won’t be available so would I have to reinvent who I am ?

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Israel’s Second Re-Gathering

Q. From reading in Isaiah, chapter 11 and 14, I have two questions.  Isaiah 11:11-12, is this second time NOW (the first perhaps after the long Babylonian exile, then return and occupied during Jesus time)?

And again in Isaiah 14:1-2, is this also now and perhaps it is speaking of the Palestinians who cling to the house (or land) of Jacob, who will eventually become the servants of Israel?

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The New Jerusalem?

Q. Thank you for taking time to answer questions and working so hard with your website!  I have something I have been wondering about: when you say that the new city of Jerusalem will probably orbit just above the earth, what scriptures can you find to show this point of view? I can remember one about John saying that the city came down from heaven but he never said that it landed on earth. Can you help me find some more please?

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Millennium Or Eternity?

Q. In a recent post you wrote:

What follows the Millennium? God only knows. The Bible, being the handbook for the Age of Man speaks neither of events before its beginning nor after its end. It instructs us on only three things of eternal duration. God Himself (Isa 43:10), life for believers (John 3:16), and punishment for unbelievers (Matt 25:46). The rest is left for us to wonder about, and for God to reveal as it suits His purpose.”

At the end of Revelations, it says there will be “new heavens and a new earth”…..In light of your writing above, what is your interpretation of the new heavens and new earth?

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Will The Church Live On Earth?

Q. I am confused on a question about the Millennium. I had come to believe that the Church would also dwell on the earth with the Tribulation Saints during this time. Is this not the case, will those of us raptured, not dwell also on earth?

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New Or Renew?

Q. I’ve taken note that a well known Bible teacher states that the Earth is a world without end, and uses Eph. 3:21 to back that up. But looking to Isaiah 65:17 says the Lord will create new Heavens and a new Earth; and that the former will not be remembered. This teacher says the Earth will be “restored”, but using the Strong’s concordance, the word translated new in Isaiah 65:17 is #2319, (kaw-dawsh) which means “new”-fresh, new thing, not #2318, (kaw-dash), which means renew.  Am I missing something?

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Mansions on Earth?

Q. One pastor recently said,

“In the Millennium, we who will be raptured will live in earthly mansions that are already on Earth,  and the first preferences of occupying them are ours  as rulers with Christ!”

Is this true?  According to 1 Thes. 4:16-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:52 – after Rapture, we will be in glorified spirit bodies which do not require physical accommodations on earth, right? We can be anywhere in the universe in a split second. It is mentioned in the Scripture that the Lord Jesus, after resurrection, appeared at least eleven times. There is no record of the Lord Jesus having a physical accommodation all these times. I believe spirit bodies do not require any accommodation as the Lord did not have a residential address after resurrection, until ascension.

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Will We Have Access To Earth?

Q. Is there any interchange between the natural people populating earth (who lived through the trib) and the OT resurrected saints working in the temple with Jesus and the church resurrected saints in New Jerusalem? Will the natural people see and talk with the resurrected saints?

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A Question About Eternity

Q. I was reading Revelation again for the umpteenth time again and something struck me different. I was under the impression that when eternity begins, the entire 4 dimensions we live in will be destroyed. IE in eternity all things will either be 1) in the lake of fire or 2) in heaven (that exists outside our time domain) and there is no other possibility of any other location.   Upon reading it again it appears to say that the new heaven and new earth that were created at the beginning of the millennial reign will continue for eternity.   Am I missing something?

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