And There Was Evening And There Was Morning

Commentary by Jack Kelley

The other day I received an interesting response to my answer stating that the Bible supports an approximate 6000 year history for the human race. This person didn’t dispute the Bible, only our interpretation of it, in disagreeing with my answer.

The essence of his response was that since science has found what it considers to be persuasive evidence that contradicts the literal view of the creation account, then our traditional interpretation of the language in Genesis 1 has to be flawed.

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Babylonian Names On The Hebrew Calendar

Q. Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions of so many of us “eager beavers.”  You continue to be a blessing to many.  Here is my  question:  Why does the Hebrew calendar have a month named Tammuz?  Is is more than a coincidence that that is the name of an idol/false god mentioned in the Bible?  “Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD’S house which was toward the north; and behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.”  Ezekiel 8:14.  Are there other months in the Hebrew calendar that have such pagan sounding names?  If so, why?

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The Annals Of The Kings

Q. I have been reading the old testament and have noticed references to the Kings of Judah and Israel, what appears to be an historical reference to the book of annals. I have copied some of the many verses that I have found in the OT below. Can you tell me what these books are and where would I be able to locate them to read.I have done numerous searches but have been unable to find them. Some of the results in my search has indicated that these books do not exist. We know the bible is God’s word, so if he mentions them in his word then they must be in existence.  I can imagine these annals being extremely interesting and good reading to shed further light on the history of our fore bearers being the Jewish people.

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Was Noah Given Contradictory Instructions?

Q. I was flying back from Chicago a few days ago, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to a geologist/palentologist.  I was curious about all the articles he was reading and we got into a very civilized conversation, and I asked some very pointed questions regarding his scientific methods.  It turned out that he was very much a worshiper of science and an atheist.  I kept the conversation light, curious, and respectful he did the same.  Every time I mentioned the Word of God, or what God has done, and will do, he spouted that God contradicts Himself through out a document written by man with no scientific proof.

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Guarding The Throne Of God?

Q. Your article on evil was terrific.  It’s such a joy to learn from someone who thinks Biblically and is conversant with Scripture.  But one thing you said got me curious.  You talk about Lucifer’s original purpose being to guard the throne of God.  What did it need guarding from?  Couldn’t God guard it Himself?

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666 Talents of Gold

Q. I  ran across 1 Kings 10:14 and was curious about 666 talents of gold. This seems ominous. Could you please elaborate???

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Explaining 2 Kings 3:27

Q. Can you explain what happens on 2 Kings 3:27.  Did the God of Israel or the god of the Moabites give great wrath to the Israelites ?

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Saul And The Witch At Endor

Q. You know the story.  God had forsaken Saul, so he went to the witch at Endor, and she summoned Samuel for him…or did she?  When you read the story in 1 Samuel 28:16-19, it happened just like the prophet said.  Saul and his three sons joined Samuel in death.  The Lord also delivered Israel and its army to the Philistines, (1 Sam. 31:1-70.) Can you explain all this?

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Why Is Cain’s Line Called Rebellious?

Q. In a previous article you wrote:

“I believe it was always the Lord’s intention that we remain an agrarian society.  Building cities, inventing labor saving devices, and pursuing activities associated with leisure and self fulfillment all came through the rebellious line of Cain.”

Where is it written that Cain’s line was rebellious?  After Cain’s banishment, Genesis 4 does not appear to pass moral judgment his decedents or on their activities:  Where did the negative characterization of Cain’s line originate?

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