Why Did God Go To Sodom And Gomorrah?

Q. I have a question about Psalm 33 and Genesis 18. In Psalm 33 it states that God sees all of mankind from Heaven. He is able to view and know every man and woman’s thoughts, feelings, etc.  There are a number of other places that say as much as well, this is just the one I remembered the Book and chapter for.  But in Genesis 18:20-21 He says that He is going down to look at Sodom and Gomorrah to see if the sin and wickedness is as bad as the outcry that has reached Him.  My question is, why? Why would He need to go and see in person when He can see from Heaven?

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Psalm 27 And The Rapture

Q.  I was reading Psalm 27 and when I finished reading the entire chapter I just came to notice what verses 5 and 6 says.  Do you think that would refer to the Rapture of the church? I appreciate your kindness and It’s always a blessing read your teachings.

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Is Orion Greek Or Hebrew?

Q.  I was just wondering if the reference to Orion’s belt in the book of Job was actually an illusion to the Greek illustration, or if the Hebrew word(s) translated “Orion’s Belt” actually referred to a strictly Jewish concept of those stars and their arrangement. Thanks for your time!

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Russia’s Involvement In Ezekiel 38

Q. In the upcoming battle of Gog/Magog is it possible that that majority of the direct Russian involvement in this battle is more by military advisors and Russian equipment (such as in Vietnam and the Korean war)?  I don’t hear much about Russia hating or wanting the destruction of Israel but all the other countries or regions mentioned in Biblical Prophecy definitely hate the Jews.  I know Syria and Lybia and some in Turkey get a great deal of Russian equipment and military weapons.  Aside from that there doesn’t seem to be any incentive for Russia to attack, does there? Other than they can sell more weapons to some of those countries around Israel who wish to attack them.

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In The Image Of God, Follow Up

Q. Thank God for the bountiful knowledge He has given you.

I have a question that is similar to the question today regarding the meaning of “In The Image Of God”.  I was listening to a popular radio show a couple of days ago and man of the Jewish faith, possibly a Rabbi, mentioned that in the Torah the meaning of “in His image” actually translates as “in His shadow”.  I’m just curious as to what you think.

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Joseph’s Dreams

Q. I have a question about Genesis 37:9-10.  Joseph has a dream that his brothers and father and mother will bow down to him. Later on when Joseph is in Egypt it appears that his mother did not come to bow down to Joseph because she died.  What can this moon be referring to and how was it fulfilled?

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Revealing The Ark Of The Covenant

Q. What’s your take on the announcement that the Ark of the Covenant is about to be unveiled?  I’m guessing it’s a fake because of Rev. 11:19.  Even so, does the Ark play any role in the end days or is this a distraction?

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How Long Has Man Been On Earth?

Q. I have a couple of questions I need your help to find answers to.

1. How long has mankind been on this earth?
2. Is there any information in the Bible to help us answer the above question?

I would really appreciate your help to answer the above questions.

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