Planet Rahab

Q. I have had several people recently ask me about the missing Planet Rahab once being the headquarters of Satan that God destroyed. I know there are several verses that could refer to this but have a hard time believing this.  If you have time I would appreciate your opinion Continue reading…

Women In Politics

Q. What is your biblical take on women in politics? I have heard Isaiah 3 quoted as a reason for not having women take political office. Then I’ve heard that this chapter of Isaiah  took place in a theocracy and ours is a republic government which is much different and also a  lot of talk on men not fulfilling their roles so women are moving in and taking them which will lead to that country being cursed by God. I’m just really confused over women being in politics. Any help in clearing this up would be appreciated. Continue reading…

The Timelessness Of God

Q. I praise God for the wisdom that He gifted to you. Thank you for sharing it. I have a question about the timelessness of God.  However, in Isaiah 43:10 He states: “…before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.”  How can this be if He has no beginning or end? Can “eternal” have a “before” or “end”? Continue reading…

Mesopotamian Mythologies

Q. Much of ancient jewish lore was a redaction of earlier Mesopotamian mythology (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian).  Why are these earlier stories, of a different Noah, a different Cain and Abel,; merely mythology; but the redaction by the Judaens and Israelis and Egyptians are the holy word of God? Continue reading…

Does God Destroy The Innocent?

Q. I was having a conversation recently with a believer who is struggling with his faith.

He started to point out that every time God punished the enemies of the Jews, thousands of innocent people died. For example women and children.  He named in particular all the first born in Egypt, David’s baby (from Bathsheba) and the innocents in Caanan when God instructed the Israelites to conquer the land.

He concluded that God was never ‘good’, just ‘one sided’ towards the Jews; that those people who died were still created by Him, so why did he watch them be slaughtered? Continue reading…

One Messiah Or Two?

Q. I wanted to get into the Jewish eschatological mind a bit and bought one of their books, entitled : ” Redemption unfolding: The Last Exile of Israel, Chevlei Maschiac, the War of Gog and Magog and the Final Redemption ” by Alexander Aryeh Mendelbaum, 2005. I found it on Amazon by typing in ” gog and magog war”

In the section about Gog and Magog, around pages 102 – 104, it mentions TWO Messiahs, Maschiach Ben Yosef (Joseph) and Maschiach Ben Dovid ( David ). It also mentions that evil will cancel out evil in the war of Gog and Magog, and a period of peace is expected after. If this is their expectation, could this be the mechanism by which Israel is deceived by the False Prophet, Antichrist’s lieutenant?

A. The two Messiah idea apparently was popularized by the Essenes, a sect that lived in Qumron near the Dead Sea, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Since they didn’t understand the notion of two messianic missions, one to conquer sin and the other to restore Israel, they thought that the scriptures spoke of two messiahs.

They saw Messiah ben Joseph as being mirrored in the life of Jacob’s son Joseph. There are numerous events in the life of Joseph that are clear models of what we now know was the first coming. Messiah ben David on the other hand has King David as a model of 2nd Coming prophecies. So Messiah ben Joseph would be the suffering servant, and Messiah ben David the conquering King.

When John the Baptist, who had spent time with the Essenes, lay in prison awaiting his execution he sent some of his disciples to inquire of Jesus, “are you the one who is to come or should we expect another?” (Matt. 11:3)

The intent of the question is hidden in English, but in the Greek it becomes clear. There are two Greek words that can be translated “another.” One means another of the same kind, and one means another of a different kind. It’s this second word that John used. We was asking Jesus to solve the mystery of the two messiahs. His real question was, “Are you the only one who is to come or should we also expect another one, different from you?”

Jesus responded in verses 4-6 with miracles He had performed. Some of these miracles linked Him to prophecies of the first messiah, and others to the second one. He was telling them he was the only one.

Don’t misunderstand me. John knew Jesus was the only One. He asked Jesus to clarify this for the benefit of the Essenes.

As to the End Times deception, I believe it’s more likely that the Jews will see the anti-Christ as Messiah ben David, the one who conquers their enemies and brings them peace.

Believe Or Die!

Q. Something is laying heavy on my heart and was wondering if you could give me an answer. I have always felt Christians had one up on Muslims because I always thought Christ taught that it is up to you join Him or not, whereas Muslims have to join and stay a Muslim under coercion and threat of death. Deuteronomy 13:10- tells a different story. If God never changes why did he threaten death to those who refused to follow Him? Sounds like the koran. How can I tell a Muslim my God would not force you to believe in Him when He did it here? Continue reading…

Distinguishing The Holy From The Common

Q. I would like to get your comment on 1 Samuel 6:19-20, why did the Lord smite all those people for looking into the Ark? And what lesson can we garner from these verses, like is there a type of grace or the forthcoming of grace (I hope I am making sense)?

Continue reading…

Leaving Our Clothes Behind

When our Lord was resurrected, He left His grave clothes behind. I know a lady who is horrified to think she may go naked up into the air in the rapture, before “God and everybody.”

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The Father’s Love Vs. The Repentance Of Sins

I have believed on Jesus the Christ for many, many years. I lean toward living under repentance of sins (probably from all the ell-fire-and-brimstone preaching from my youth), but I also am pulled towards realizing just how much the Father loves and adores me as His child. How should a Believer hold these two practices in tension?

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