OSAS And Rev. 22:19

Q. I was having a discussion with a friend about eternal security, we seemed to be in agreement for the most part. However, he presented me with a scripture that I would like some help understanding the meaning, “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Rev 22:19).  Please assist me with some insight as to whether this scripture is saying that you can lose your salvation.

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The Covenant Ceremony

Q. From Adam to Abraham men did not have to be circumcised to be saved and from the cross to now men have not had to be circumcised to be saved.  So why is circumcision such a big thing in God’s eyes from Abraham to the cross?  It seems a strange thing to prove your faith by cutting off your foreskin.  Any thoughts on this?

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Are We All Watchmen?

Q. I read your website often. It’s a blessing to me. I was reading Ezekiel the other day and paused at chapter 33 verse 8. Did warning sinners only apply to that time, or does it still apply to the present day? And what exactly does God mean when He says if you never warned a sinner to change their way and they die unsaved, their blood is on your hands?

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The Book Of Life

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

The word book appears 188 times in the Bible. The Hebrew version is cepher (pronounced safer) and the Greek is biblos from which we get the English word Bible. The first mention of a book is in Genesis 5:1 introducing the stories of 8 patriarchs that Moses wove together to form the book of Genesis.

The first time mention is made of the Book of Life (literally Book of the Living) is in Exodus 32 where the Lord threatened to destroy all the Israelites because the Golden Calf rebellion (Ex. 32:10). Moses made intercession for them asking the Lord to forgive the sins of the people or if not to blot him out of the book (Ex. 32:32). He was offering to die for the sins of the people. Then the Lord said instead of destroying them all right then He would delay their ultimate punishment until a future time. But when that time came He would blot out the names of all who had sinned against Him. (Ex. 32:33-34)

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Have I Committed The Unpardonable Sin?

Q. I think I have committed the unforgivable sin by rejecting the Holy Spirit’s grace. Something happened to me in 2008 and I didn’t know what it was. Now, I think I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit not knowing that it was it. I only realized that I might have committed it because I dreamed of hell already. I dreamed that I was in a car and was looking for a way out then two huge walls blocked my way and there was only one way out and it was pitch pitch black.

I think I denied Christ because I wasn’t ready to follow him at that time but now I’m regretting what I did, but I think its too late for me. I pretended that I didn’t know the Holy Spirit because I wasn’t ready to surrender myself, I wasn’t aware that I am committing the unforgivable sin. Please be honest and tell me, I am preparing myself for the worst.

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Comparing Two Mentions Of Nets

Q. What is the significance of the nets in in Luke 5:6 where it states that the nets began to break, compared to John 21:11 where it says that even with so many the net was not torn?

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OSAS And 1 Timothy 4

Q. In 1 Timothy 4:1, it says that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith. Some teachers that I listen to believe this is proof that true believers can walk away from their faith and lose their salvation. Then they mention the perseverance of the saints. I believe that if you are a true believer that you will persevere even though you will not be perfect and will still sin.

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All Three Agree

Q.  I’ve been reading your answers to questions on Romans 8:29 and 2 Peter 3:9 and they’ve been a BIG HELP!   The notes in my Study Bible have been too convoluted for me to figure out what that text is saying!  So would it be accurate to suggest that John 6:44 might fit under the umbrella of God’s Foreknowledge?

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Why Do We Still Sin, Follow Up

Q. I came upon your response to a reader’s question titled, “Why Do We Still Sin?” and had a question about your statement pertaining to suicide.  You made a reference to
1 Cor. 9:24-25 supporting your belief that Christians could kill themselves and still go to heaven.  I was concerned about this because I was brought up to believe that one is hellbound when suicide is committed, Christian or not.

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