Wiping Away Our Tears

Q. When the Bible states that God will wipe away every tear, does that mean, despite dying or being raptured, we will feel sadness and cry until He does this?

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Mystery Babylon … What’s The Mystery?

A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

Seems like it’s popular to identify Mystery Babylon as New York City again, especially after 9/11. The facts that:

1) you can connect the Scriptural dots and come clearly and directly to Babylon in Iraq,

2) there’s not a shred of Biblical evidence to support the New York City view, and

3) there’s no compelling reason to spiritualize the Biblical passages on the subject,

seem not to bother this view’s adherents.

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Does The Bible Promise To Keep Us Out Of God’s Wrath?

Q. We have a friend who is very knowledgeable in the Word, and we meet for study every week. We have only one main disagreement, and although we have discussed it at length many times, he keeps going back to it.  He is not convinced that there is a rapture, and believes instead that the Church will be protected somewhere on earth by the Lord during the Tribulation period. He is also convinced that the woman in Revelation 12 is the Church, but this is the only scripture he can really use to support his view.  We have pointed out that this woman is Israel, and having given birth to a child, can’t be a virgin bride. Would you agree?

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Looking For The Rapture

Q.  I believe that the Rapture could happen at any time.  I was told when I was about 17 that our SS group was the “generation that certainly will not pass until all these things have happened” in the Lord’s statement of Matt. 24:34. Other people use other ways to measure it but it seems like it all comes out about the same.  I will be 80 this year and am looking forward to being Raptured.

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Re-Thinking Rapture Estimates. Follow Up

Q.  Years before I ever heard of your ministry I came up with the same calculations that you did.   But every time I hear anyone saying, “until the number is reached, there will be no rapture,” I always get a sinking feeling.  We believers are responsible for winning souls. I am probably the most anxious for the rapture of anyone who you’ll ever hear from and it hits me hard that we are responsible for winning souls and we haven’t reached that number.  What if we don’t get there?  I know the Lord knows the end from the beginning, but that “number” still bugs me.

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Is The Rapture 1000 Years Away?

Q.   My brother in law and I were talking about the end times yesterday and I was reading him some of your articles. Well he brought up 2 Peter 3:8 NLT  “But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.” Then he said, “So if you think about it its only been like 2 days”. I myself believe the time is very near, but he says he thinks it’s another 1,000 years away. Is there any biblical proof?

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Is Satan A Force Like Gravity?

Q.  Please remember that the adversary/satan/devil is a spiritual force like gravity. It has always been there. It is not some fallen angel. Lucifer is a mistake caused by the Romans either purposefully or not.  Gravity makes babies stronger, it is against our muscles and makes us stonger as long as we walk upright. The adversary makes humans spiritually stronger, as long as we walk upright, holy and perfect.  God created all this purposefully. The adversary was also in the beginning, God was not surprised that Adam and Eve would sin, in fact he knew the adversary would  get them to fall, that is his job. All people fall and will keep falling, but it is when we get up that we get closer to God, being perfect and holy.

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Re-Thinking Rapture Estimates

Q.  In 2010 you said there was enough time for the rapture to take place by the end of 2011, but it didn’t.   I agree with your 1948 starting point. Do you see any other solid date variables besides the 70 year life span ? I have not seen any new articles from you to revise your time line. Please don’t give up ! You are our valued resource on the End Times.

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No Rapture?

Q.  There is a ministry on internet that I have been receiving for quite a few weeks, that really caught my eye a couple of months ago.  The person spoke a lot about Paul’s epistles and I was very blessed by his articles.  However, one of his articles said plainly that there is no rapture and when I wrote to him he told me, giving scriptures, that there definitely is no rapture.  This has made me feel depressed and taken my hope away.  Please can you give me the concrete scriptures that there is a physical rapture and (as I  have believed for 40  years) that very soon the Lord will come and fetch us.

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Victorious Eschatology

Q.  Could you explain what the term “Victorious Eschatology” means?  Someone was telling me it concerns the rapture.  I have never heard of this before, have you?

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