Married In Heaven?

When a man and woman marry they become one until death do them part. Right? So when the Rapture occurs and a married couple is taken to meet Christ in the air and doesn’t experience death, will they still be married?

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What About Tribulation Believers?

My question centers around two groups of people:
1.the ones that die during the tribulation after becoming saved and 2. those who survive to end of the tribulation and are saved. Since the “church age” ends with the rapture, what does that make people of groups 1 and 2? Won’t they also be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ?

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The Mark Of The Beast

I get questioned by naysayers in my church. They can’t understand why some in the Church are obsessed with end times events. This time a sister asks why so many believe that the mark of the Beast will be physical, like a microchip, and not a mark like the one the Holy Spirit gives to believers. Could you offer some advice?

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Is The Pre-Wrath Case Getting Stronger?

More and more I read there is more evidence Scripturally for a pre-wrath Rapture and many who were pre-trib believers changing to pre-wrath stating there is more Biblical evidence for a pre-wrath Rapture. Is there any explanation for why so many are changing their minds?

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An Intermediate State?

I was on a website you recommended and read an article on The Rich Man and Lazarus. The author says that when we die our body goes into the grave and our spirit falls into a sleep mode and won’t be awakened until the Rapture when it will be rejoined with our body.

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Children And The Rapture

Q. We recently had a discussion with others concerning young children whose parents are Christians and would be taken at the Rapture. The question arose as to whether the children – quite young, would go to heaven by the Rapture or would they be left on this earth to go thru the tribulation.

John 3:16 says “Whosoever believeth..” but the problem is young children may not fully understand what that means. Can you give us some scriptural light on this?

A. Many evangelical teachers, myself included, believe that at the Rapture all children including those still in the womb will be taken regardless of the spiritual condition of their parents.

This comes from Paul’s statement that once he was alive apart from the Law and then when He came under the law sin sprang to life and he died. (Romans 7:9) I believe he was saying that he had eternal life as a child, but when he reached the age of accountability he became responsible for his sins and needed a Savior.

To me this means that God does not hold children accountable for their sins and considers them qualified for the Rapture.

A Marriage Question

I have a question about marriage and the rapture. When my husband and I were married last year we took vows to God that said “till death do us part”, should we happen to be raptured live into Heaven will we still be married?

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The Holy Spirit

My dad is adamantly post-trib, and he maintains that the Holy Spirit is both present in us and moving throughout the earth in order to soften the hearts of those who will come to the Lord. And that during the tribulation, we (the church) will be the ONLY source of the Spirit and that is why people will still be able to come to Him.

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Syria Versus Israel

With all the talk about summer war with Israel and now the time table been moved to November could it be said that an attack by Syria or one of its proxies will be the cause of a terminal attack against the Syrian Capital? Especially if WMD are used against the House of Israel?

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