Do Angels Have Wings?

I would like your opinion on angels. Why are they always pictured as having wings? I think they’re God’s heavenly messengers so when God created them they can go through space at will. What is your opinion?

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Peace Conference?

I write this with a great deal of anguish concerning the upcoming so-called peace conference to be held at the end of this month. I feel so compelled to pray against it and pray for Israel that my heart aches and tears fall.

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Why Keep Confessing?

When Jesus died on the cross and paid our debt past-present and future why do we have to continually ask for forgiveness-repent our daily sins if they are already covered?

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Are The Seals Of Rev. 6 Broken?

Q. I blog on (another site) and at times we have heated debates. One of the most debated topics especially of late has been whether or not the first 5 seals of Revelation are open. One argument is that “there is NO mention in Revelation (or elsewhere) that the Seals are Judgments – I think that this is just tradition – and again has no foundation in Scripture. Remember, the seals are being broken one by one by the Lord Jesus, as he opens the Scroll.”

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Why Do Good Christians Get Sick And Hurt?

I co-teach a Men’s bible study and felt lead to study Psalm 91. I personally believe that this is God’s direct word of protection over me and my family. But, when faced with open discussion I know that the men will ask questions such as: Why do good Christian people get sick, hurt and so on. What are your thoughts on this?

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Will Christians Suffer Hard Times?

How bad do you think it will get for us financially before the rapture (an educated guess, obviously)? Do you have or know anyone who has recommendations for Christians to ride out these last days?

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Tell Us He’s Wrong

I happened to run across a web site where a man is stating that a man in the 1800’s called John Nelson Darby changed the timing of the Rapture to before the Tribulation but before that it was believed it would happen at the end of the Tribulation.

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Regrets In Heaven?

Q. I have a quick question about the BEMA judgment. I believe the BEMA is a judgment of works, not of salvation, that occurs shortly after the rapture and takes place in heaven for christians only? My question is, will there be regret in heaven? Will christians who did not do much for the Lord on earth be regretful in heaven after the BEMA? If so, wouldn’t that allow sorrow to persist in heaven and worse throughout eternity? At the same time, I see passages like Revelation 21:4 that say there will be no more sorrow. How does this work?

A. The short answer is that regardless of what you’ve been told or taught, no one knows how it will work because the Bible doesn’t tell us.  But consider this. Our eternity in heaven with the Lord has been called our blessed hope, a time of endless joy, without any death or mourning or crying or pain, as you said. Why would the Lord cause us to have feelings of regret, especially when there will be nothing we can do about it except be sad. We can’t go back and serve some more. It would only serve to dampen our joy. Does that sound like the Lord to you?

The Holy Spirit In The Post Rapture World

Shalom, could you tell me that these 144,00 from the tribes in the book of revelation are in fact a kind of super evangelists in the time of the great tribulation spreading the gospel in Israel when the church is gone, then how can the Holy Spirit be removed?

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