Salvation For Demons

I’ve searched your archives to answer the question as to whether or not demons can be forgiven if they ask for it and I can’t find it. I was discussing this with an officer at work and he believes that there will be demons that will repent and be saved. What do you think?

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The Great Sabbath Debate

I was raised a Protestant, have Messianic Jewish friends and have attended their services and they are on Saturday. How can the Christian Church and the Jewish (Messianic) people have such a difference?

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Was Timothy Saved?

Q. My Husband and I have a question regarding 1 Timothy 4:16. What does it mean when Paul tells Timothy to persevere, because if he does, he would save himself? Timothy would already have been saved. The notes in my Bible explain that although we are saved at the time of conversion, salvation is a process. Could you please explain this verse?

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Answering An Atheist

Q. When talking to atheists, I am often asked some very difficult questions. It becomes frustrating at times, but I need help on how to properly address certain things they bring up.

One question was one that I probably should expect from them, it goes like this “If God told you to kill someone would you do it?”, and of course they bring up Abraham as an example. My response was on what basis do you ask this question? Are you assuming things about God?

Then they tell me its not a hypothetical scenario, and that I’m not answering the question. The thing is that I know they are trying to back me up into a corner. They also said this “Many people have killed because they heard the voice of God”. The conversation then becomes very frustrating, and they often go to make insults from there.

The other thing that I want to address properly is the laws. Christ was sinless and he fulfilled the law. However, atheists always bring up the OT laws-the Mosaic and Levitical laws and so forth, and ask why we don’t follow them. So, if the keeping of the Sabbath is brought up, -and Jesus mentioned if a sheep falls into a pit, will not the man lift it out- how do I answer to them if they say he wasn’t keeping the commandment.

In other words, did the original commandment even restrict works on the Sabbath to the detail the Jews took it as being, or was the Sabbath just a day where no work was to be done in “general”, for lack of a better word.

Any answers or advice would be great, I just want to make sure that I answer them properly.

A. A careful reading of Genesis 22 shows that Abraham knew that he was acting out a prophecy to show how God would one day offer His only son as a sin offering. This can be shown in his instructions to his servants in Genesis 22:5. He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.” In Hebrews 11:17-19 we’re told that Abraham’s faith was so strong that he knew that God would bring Isaac back from the dead if it came to that.

The Old Testament Commandment to rest on the Sabbath is the only one of the 10 not repeated in some form in the New Testament. This tells us it’s a model of something else. And sure enough in Hebrews 4 we learn that it represents continuing to work for your salvation after you’ve already asked for and received it. It shows that you don’t really believe that the Lord’s death saved you, and therefore you aren’t saved and will die in your sins.

And in Matt. 12:12 the Lord showed that the prevailing view about work on the Sabbath was excessive, and that doing good on the Sabbath was lawful. Therefore He didn’t break the commandment.

It’s good to be able to answer the questions of doubters, but you should also know that some don’t want to hear an explanation. They are just trying to get you to doubt the correctness of your own position.

Mid Acts Dispensationalism

I have been speaking to some people who call themselves Mid-Acts dispensationalists. I have heard of this before, but I was never able to understand their position. I have begun to wonder if the mid-acts is another, more subtle form of Replacement Theology. What do you think?

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Explaining Leviticus To An Atheist

Lately I’ve been conversing with a lot of rather vehement atheists–which tend to come with my line of work–and they’ve frequently confronted me with arguments that I know are weak, but I don’t have a good, Biblical response. How do I explain Levitical law to an atheist?

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Is Baptism Required For Heaven?

My wife accepted Jesus as her savior a few years ago. It changed her life. She asked her pastor to baptize her but every time something happened. Anyhow it never got done she was killed in a car accident 4 months ago. Would God keep her out of heaven because she was never baptized?

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OSAS And 2 Peter 2:21-22

I thought I was secure in my salvation by faith. I was recently told, however, that 2Peter2:21-22 proved that I could lose that assurance. Is that possible? Now I’m concerned about this. Please advise me on this. Thank you so much.

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Why Did This Have To Happen?

The Bible tells us Hell was created for Satan and his angels. God foreknew the fall of Satan, the temptation and fall of man and all the future suffering of creation to come as a result of our fall. My 1st question is, knowing all of this why did He create Satan?

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Working Out Our Salvation, Follow Up

I just read your response to the question titled “Working Out Our Salvation” and I was wondering about one thing. When you said: “We should strive to be more Christ like in our manner of living. Not to earn something, for we’ve already received it, but to allow God to work in us according to His purpose.” I believe you are mistaken.

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