World Wide Famine Soon?

Q. I have had some news items come to my attention from Christian sources that say world food shortages are about to happen in the near future and that we as Christians should be trying to prepare. It has been my belief up to now that the serious severity in food shortage and other products would most likely happen after the Rapture. I can see where things may get pretty tight as this is happening right now..cost of gas rising, cost of food rising, etc. My question is- Do you believe there are going to be very serious food shortages and other kinds of extreme hardships here in the U.S. before the Rapture happens? And if so, other then tightening our finances what else can we be doing?

A. There really isn’t any Biblical basis for thinking that the shortages being experienced in rice and a few other commodities just now is a sign of impending world wide famine. Food and gas prices are rising, but for most of the people we know getting rid of a few luxuries they don’t need anyway would solve the problem.

Jesus said that before the end comes there would be famines in various places, but that this was just the beginning of birth pangs. After the rapture, things will quickly get worse, but even so the famines of the 4th seal of Rev. 6:8 only effect 1/4th of the world. The trumpet and bowl judgments will be worse than that and eventually about half of the world’s population will die. But by then the Church will be long gone.

A much more urgent problem lies is the fact that the average person in the US, Christian or not, is living so far beyond their means that even a little bump in prices hurts immediately. These people will soon discover that there’s plenty of food to buy, but with their variable rate credit card, mortgage, and consumer debt, they’ll have to make some painful choices in order to come up with the money.

We complain about $4.00 gas but many of the world’s inhabitants are paying up to twice as much on less income and still manage to survive. It just takes re-ordering our priorities, and the more of our income that goes out in interest costs, the more urgent our need for doing so becomes.

Believing In God And The Anti-Christ

Q. The destruction of the northern invasion’s troops and allies with obvious supernatural intervention is said to show the Lord’s greatness and make Him known among nations (Ezek. 38:23), but apparently, this is not the same as the kind of acknowledgment that Zech. 12:10 speaks of (after Armageddon), with Israel turning to Jesus as Messiah as a nation?I don’t understand how Israel could proceed to follow the anti-Christ if they had turned back to the Lord after the Ezek. battle. Ezek. 39:22 says: “The house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God, from that day forward”.

How can they know that and then proceed to follow the anti-Christ? Is Jesus as Messiah still out of their minds until the second coming and instead, Israel thinks that the anti-Christ is the messiah until then, and they are following Yahweh without Jesus by building the temple? The timing doesn’t fit the whole picture otherwise.

A. I think you understand it pretty well. At the beginning Israel, and indeed the whole world will be astounded by the things the anti-Christ will be able to accomplish. (Rev. 13:3-4)

And since the Jews have always believed that the Messiah will be just a man like King David was, they won’t see the problem with him until the middle of the 70th week when he proclaims himself to be God. Then many of them will have the same issue with the anti-Christ as their ancestors had with Jesus. This is why he turns on them during the Great Tribulation.

Then at the end, those who’ve survived and haven’t already recognized that Jesus has been their Messiah all along will have their eyes opened just before the 2nd Coming as Zechariah 12:10 says.

What If we’re Wrong Again?

I know a lot of prophecy scholars use the general life span of 70 years for the countdown for all end time prophecy to be fulfilled which leads us to 2018 or 2037. So many people swore the end of this age would come by 1988 due to a generation lasting 40 years. They were obviously wrong. So what if 2037 passes?

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Is All This True?

I read that Russian Pres. Putin has ordered Russian forces to a first strike alert status over the Kosovo situation. He has said that Russia will not permit the Serbian province of Kosovo to declare independence as the West intends. Is all this true?

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What About Pakistan?

Can you speak about the current events in Pakistan how they might play out in the Ends Times with regards to the War on Terror?

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The Coming Moslem Leader

Re your thought that “the coming Moslem leader al Mahdi could be the AC”–I thought he was dead. Do you think through Satan’s power he will be resurrected and become the AC?

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Why Do People Fear Prophecy?

Why do so many Christians avoid the Bible’s end time prophecies? From reading the Olivet Discourse, I understand that the Lord WANTS us to know the signs of the times…to be watchful. Is it fear?

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Signs In The Heavens

Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity;

Are the signs in the heavens trying to tell us something?

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Giving Away The Temple Mount?

I have read with dismay several news articles this week suggesting the possibility of PM Ehud Olmert giving away the Temple Mount to the Palestinians. My question is this: From a Scriptural, prophetic viewpoint, would the LORD allow the temple mount to be given away?

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North American Union

I was wondering what you knew about the secret meetings of the North American Union. I heard on a Christian radio program a guy was talking about how the NAU and the other Unions around the world could make up the 10 horns?

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