What Does the Bible Say? Introduction, It’s About Sin.

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A Bible Study by Jack Kelley

I’ve been asked to write an introduction to this series of studies on “What Does The Bible Say” to explain why people need to be saved in the first place. I’ve been told this would be a good evangelism tool for use with those who may not understand this critical requirement, such as curious unbelievers or children who have become intellectually mature enough to comprehend it and are now accountable for their lives.

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On The Cross

Q. First of all, thank you for your wonderful website.  I have a question in wondering if there is a deeper significance than I realize.  When Jesus was accused, he remained silent.  When he was crowned with the thorns, the same.  When he was enduring the agony of the cross, the same.  His first “complaint” is when he cries, and then with a loud voice, “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me.”

In my human thinking, I would have first tried to defend myself, then would have constantly cried and complained of the treatment.  It would only be when death was upon me that I could envision any relief…quite the reverse of what happened.  I’m certain we, as humans, cannot even envision the horror of what awaits those without God.  Is there significance beyond that?

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Willful Sin

Q.  A husband has left his wife and two boys, she wanted to work it out but he refused.   He was a deacon in the church and taught SS. He told her that the Lord would forgive him. He left knowing he was going against God’s will and that God would forgive him because he was unhappy. There was  another woman, they found out later. I know that God  forgives our sins but this seems to be sinning knowing God will forgive. Can you help me in this?

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Paul A Sinner? How Could This Be?

Q.  In Romans 7:14, what sin(s) do you think Paul is referring to? I know there was only one man who lived a sinless life. Yet it is apparent Paul was the most powerful and obedient Christian of all (after his conversion). How was he constantly overcome with sin? Yes he was born with a sin nature like all of us, but as a powerful vessel of Christ, I don’t see him as someone constantly struggling with sin the more he tried not to sin. Your thoughts on this?

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Explaining Events In The Garden

Q.  Is there an in-depth explanation of why the serpent would not have enticed Eve to eat of the Tree of Life instead of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?  It seems to me that by eating of the Tree of Life first, it would have canceled the result of death from eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Also, if at once realizing the effect from eating of the “knowledge” tree, shouldn’t they have immediately been desperate to eat of the “life” tree to nullify the curse?

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Who’s Responsible For This?

Q.  I heard someone say that Adam and Eve could not have known they couldn’t trust the Serpent (Lucifer) in the Garden since they didn’t know good from evil. How was it fair to them to put such temptation in the garden with them. God had to have known what would happen.  Adam and Eve would have been extremely naive and trusting.  How could they know to only trust God and not a cherubim like Lucifer?  I didn’t know how to answer this, perhaps you can help.

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Understanding 1 John 5:16-19

Q.  Thanks for a wonderful site. Please explain or give your view on the verses in the above mentioned Scripture regarding sins not leading to death, sins leading to death and more specifically verse 18.

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Angry With God

Q.  For the past 9 years my emotional, mental & physical health  has been suffering from all of the stress & losses I have suffered.  I stopped going to church & went cold toward God because of the pain, anguish & grief I have suffered for so long.  My heart is broken.  I have been having serious doubts that God even exists as I heard only silence when I reached out to God over & over for intervention & healing.  I have thrown myself into the Word, reading many good Christian books & have sought counsel from Friends & a Christian counselor for the past 6 months.  I can’t even find a mustard seed of faith.  I have doubts all day long about if God even exists.  I don’t know what else to do.  I don’t want to ever give up but it is such a difficult struggle.  Is there anything you can suggest beyond what I am doing now? I have been filled with anger & rebellion toward God as to why he did not help me.  Any help you can give me would be so appreciated.  I am running out of hope!

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What Can I Say To Him?

Q.  A patient and I were discussing the plight of a little girl I’m also treating who recently had major surgery and then 10 days later was rushed back to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy.  His response was this.

“That poor girl…I’ll never understand what God has in mind with all the pain and suffering the young have to endure. Who could ignore the cries of a child? It seems like we’ve been forgotten and he’s moved on to another project.”

I know he’s not a believer. How can I respond to this in a way that could perhaps change that?

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