Great Tribulation Shortened?

Matthew 24: 15 – 22 Jesus references Daniel specifically, who was precise in his dates and time, and timing. Jesus says “those days” will have to be cut short to preserve creation. What’s the deal here? So Daniel’s prophetic days will be “cut short”?

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Doesn’t Satan Know?

Am I correct in assuming that Satan knows of coming events such as the rapture (even though he doesn’t know the exact timing), the Gog/Magog war, the rise in power of the anti-Christ, Armageddon and the 2nd coming of Christ, and the fact that he will be bound for 1000 years and then loosed for a “little while” until he is thrown into the lake of fire? Does he believe he can change the course of these events to his favor?

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An Ezekiel 38-39 Question

If Russia,Iran,etc.,etc,invade Israel midway in the tribulation, will Israel be burning their weapons into the millennium? Do you believe this war could occur before the rapture or soon after?

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Tribulation Saints

I have a question about your study of Revelation 7. In the last 4 paragraphs you talk about the tribulation saints having a privileged existence in eternity, but yet you mention that they will not sit on a throne at the side of their beloved and will not share in God’s inheritance. Can you explain this further?

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The Holy Spirit In Tribulation Times

If Satan is restrained by the Holy Spirit, and that the only way he can completely have dominion over the earth is for that restraint to go, then are the believers after the Rapture not sealed with the Holy Spirit?

Q. Thank you, so much for answering questions, this website has actually been my only source to God’s Word for a long time now (other than my Bible).

I have so many questions floating around in my head and I will try to find the answers in your articles. The one that doesn’t seem to be answered by any of your articles, however, is one of the restraints on Satan’s Power.

If Satan is restrained by the Holy Spirit, and that the only way he can completely have dominion over the earth is for that restraint to go, then are the believers after the Rapture not sealed with the Holy Spirit? It seems odd that the post-rapture believers, whose number will be more than any in the history of man, will not have the same or greater affect than the current believers who must be Raptured for Satan to come into the world. Is there any scripture supporting or denying anything about this or do we just not know?

Keep up the good work, and may God bless you in every endeavor.

A. This demonstrates the very special relationship that the Church has with God. Old Testament believers weren’t sealed with the Holy Spirit and neither are Tribulation believers. Only the Church enjoys the promise of security represented by the Holy Spirit’s presence within us. This is not to say that the Holy Spirit wasn’t busy in the Old Testament, nor does it imply that He won’t be around after the Church leaves. For as you say, it’s likely that His greatest work will be done after the Church Age ends.

The reason for the change is that only the Church is asked to believe solely by faith (John 20:29). Both in the Old Testament and in Daniel’s 70th week the evidence for God’s existence is all too obvious with all His mighty works of judgment. It simply won’t require as much reliance on faith to believe as it does during the Church Age. For this reason we’ve been given gifts and rewards that exceed both other groups, and one of those is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

As for Scriptural support, it’s mostly done from a position of silence. After consistent and frequent mention of the Holy Spirit in most of the New Testament, there’s no such prevalence in the Book of Revelation. There the focus is on God, as it was in the Old Testament.

Eternity Or Millennium?

How did you come to conclude that the New Jerusalem appears at the beginning of the millennium? When I read Rev. 20-21, it seems like the order of things are as follows: 2nd coming of Christ, Satan is bound, millennium period, Satan is released/defeated, old heaven and earth pass away (Rev. 20:11), Great White throne judgment, eternity begins with a new heaven and earth, New Jerusalem descends, “it is done” (Rev. 21:6). Am I misunderstanding something?

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Judas And The Anti-Christ

Q. In John 17, Judas is referred to as the son of perdition. In 2 Thess, the Antichrist is referred to as the son of perdition. Is there a connection here?

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Ezekiel 38 Question

Q. I recently read your series of articles on “7 Things you must know to understand Bible Prophecy”–a very excellent portion. Thank you so much! I do have a question however, concerning Ezek. 38.

Everyone seems to think this could be fulfilled any day now, given the current situation in Iran, and their connections with Russia. If that were true, then of course the Rapture could be at anytime also.

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