Was Adam Bisexual?


Here’s an excerpt from a study I’ve been reading. “If God simply took a rib from Adam, what would that do to the man? Well, it would leave him one rib short. And believe it or not, I have had people ask me whether men have one less rib than a woman. Well, of course not! Certainly God didn’t take one rib and make out of that rib a woman.”

“He took the reproductive segment of the woman, we call that the gonad or the germ plasm. He took that reproductive part which was certainly in a side chamber in Adam. Yes, he has the male and the female both. So I think that Adam was bisexual and some of the very early Rabbi’s who where certainly students of the Old Testament, had that concept, that Adam was bisexual, until God removed the female reproduction system from Adam and with that then He created the woman.” Would you please address this for me? I have a problem with the “bisexual” part.


To believe that Adam was created with both male and female reproductive organs, you would have to believe that God didn’t know ahead of time He was going to create Eve. Therefore, He originally created Adam with the ability to reproduce by himself. (By using the term “gonad” this teacher is saying that Adam originally had both testicles and ovaries.)

Then, when He realized that would leave Adam without a companion He created Eve, using the female parts He took from Adam. From the research I’ve done, I can’t find any credible support for this idea.

But if what this teacher says is true, it would technically have made Adam bisexual, one definition of which is to have the reproductive parts of both genders. The other definition, with which we’re more familiar, is to be sexually attracted to both genders, and that’s probably what you were thinking about.