And Still More On Are They Really Married


I really appreciate what you do. I share your wisdom with my friends all the time. I am writing concerning the couple that have been living together for several years now. You said that staying single to get financial benefits is the same as lying. I just want to give some food for thought on this matter. Since the Government is allowing same sex couples to have some of the same benefits as married couples, would this not then make what these people are doing legal and therefore not a lie and not against the law?


This question has really struck a nerve on several levels. In this case, I don’t see any connection between the two situations. It’s like saying that since someone else is breaking one law, we have the right to break a different one. In my opinion a couple who holds themselves out to be married for one purpose and then claims they’re single for another one is committing fraud in the sense that they’re being deceitful for the purpose of gaining some unfair or dishonest benefit.