Another Replacement Theology Question

Q. I was born and raised in a church that teaches Replacement Theology.  However 3 years ago I began to understand the Jewish roots of Christianity. As a consequence I have been rejected and told to seek God and get saved and to stop studying ‘The Old Testament’ since the church are the spiritual Jews and that I had lost my way being an advocate of the Jewish people.  My question, why is there such a rejection of the Jewish people in the church?

A. The idea that the Church has replaced Israel in God’s plan is nothing more than anti-semitism disguised as religion and cannot be justified unless one departs from a literal understanding of God’s word. Sadly, many major denominations have done so. The rapture of the Church will expose this heresy as God turns his attention back to Israel for the remaining seven years of His covenant promise to them before the 2nd Coming.

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