Baptizing My Family


I’m the wife and mother of my family and was baptized two years ago. Is it possible for me to baptize the rest of my family – husband, son and daughter as they have all come to the Lord? I want to have the family baptized altogether, but my pastor seems to be baulking at baptizing my daughter because she is in the middle of turning her life around and is just parting company with an unbelieving partner. She is desperate for baptism because she feels it will mark the new start she is making. My husband and I have been greatly disappointed by his attitude, especially when my pastor expressed the hope that complete strangers would turn up to the service and be baptized on the spot – it seems that they won’t be being questioned about their commitment. Your letter suggests that only men can baptize. Is that really so?


In my opinion your pastor’s attitude is wrong. Baptism is a public demonstration of belief and may be the very thing your daughter needs to make a new start. There’s nothing that says you can’t baptize her and your other children yourself. As for your husband, there’s nothing wrong with baptizing him either, but I believe that since he’s the head of your household, it might be better if you found a qualified man to help you with him, just to maintain the spiritual chain of command; God, husband, wife, etc.

The ideal situation would be for you to assist with your husband’s baptism and then together the two of you could baptize your children.