The Blackened Sun And The Blood Red Moon

Q. I have always presumed the book of Revelation is chronological from chapter 5 forward. If, the “blood moon” in Rev 6 is the sign to the beginning of the Great Tribulation does this mean that Rev 6 is a summary of the wrath God?  Because it appears to me that the Great Tribulation begins after Rev 12.  Is this correct?

A. Joel 2:31 says, “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”  I believe this is the same event foretold in Rev. 6:12 where John wrote, “The Sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair and the whole moon turned blood red.” This is the only blood moon to which the Bible refers, and it’s singular, not plural.

Notice Joel said this sign would be visible “before” the great and terrible day of the Lord. Notice also that Joel and John connect the black sun and the red moon in the same sentence.  I believe this is so people won’t confuse this supernatural sign from God with a series of “natural” events, like a solar eclipse followed later by a lunar eclipse. They will both happen at the same time.  This is how the people of earth will know for certain that the day of the Lord is upon them.

From the Revelation narrative I see things happening this way. First the Seal judgments of Rev. 6, the sixth of which is a great earthquake, with the blackened sun and the blood moon warning people that the Day of the Lord is coming.  Then come the Trumpet judgments of Rev. 8-9, which will be substantially more severe than the Seal judgments but not as bad as what’s coming.  Finally the Bowl judgments of Rev. 15-16, which take place during the Great Tribulation.  This is the time about which the blackened Sun and blood red Moon will have warned them.

All these judgments will take place during Daniel’s 70th Week, also known as the time of God’s wrath (Rev. 6:16-17).

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