Should We Build A New Home?

Q. Re:  The Last Christmas?  In your recent post about the possibility of this being the last Christmas as we know it, you stated “The coming rapture should be energizing the body of Christ and causing a massive reorientation of our priorities,  yet current polls indicate that over 90% of us are still focused on the secular world…….”

My wife and I are devout Christians eagerly awaiting the Lord’s return and our rapture  – yet we are planning on building a new home, the Lord willing, sometime in 2014.  Do we have our priorities wrong?  We are active Christians, read and study the Bible.  I am active in prophecy study and discussions with others and eager to learn more.  We are active in a home Bible study group.  I believe the Rapture could happen in the near future, so how should I conduct my life?  Am I part of the 90% you mention above by planning this project?

A. It’s not for me to say whether you should build a new house or not. This is a matter for discussion with the Lord.  If you’ve taken this decision to prayer and believe He has given you the go ahead then you should proceed. If not, then that should be your first priority.

For what it’s worth, I believe we are living in some of the most uncertain times the world has ever seen, and for most people building a home is a large financial transaction that will obligate them for decades into the future. I personally would not undertake such a project until I had an unmistakably clear sign that the Lord was leading me to do so.

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