What Can I Do Besides Pray?

Q. I have a specific issue.  It’s obvious that, especially considering the times we live in, our most important priority is to pray for those around us to be saved, since prayer is the most we can do and otherwise, we can volunteer, attend our churches, etc.  But what can I do besides pray?  I know that prayer will lead me far, but is there anything else I can do in the meantime?

A. Besides praying, there are two things you can do.  You can live out your faith, not by being an uptight legalist, but by letting the joy of your salvation define your life. Philippians 4:4-9 explains how to do this.   And you can watch for the opportunities the Lord brings across your path to discuss the gospel with others and follow through on them.  The more you apply the first one, the more you’ll find opportunities for the second one coming your way.

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