Can I Attend A Gay Wedding?


My question is to know whether or not to attend a wedding between two men next month. I am Christian, My husband isn’t. He would go to the wedding anyway. I know Homosexuality is just a sin like any other sin, does it mean I would be condoning the sin by attending the wedding? My husband’s daughter is having a surrogate baby for these 2 guys. She had one for them 2 years ago, and this is their 2nd baby. It’s a strange and complicated matter. If it is wrong for me to go, do I tell them why?

Thank you for all you do to answer our questions, I read your web site daily!!


Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. They were considered the worst sinners of their day, and yet the Lord socialized with them. By doing so He wasn’t condoning their behavior, but He was expressing His love for them.

Jesus taught us to hate the sin but love the sinner. How can Christians ever minister to unsaved sinners if we don’t come into contact with them? Go to the wedding if you like, as an example of the Lord’s love for all people.