Can I Divorce My Gay Husband?


I’d like to tell you what’s happening to us and ask your opinion of what I should do. My husband of 30 years left home about seven months ago. Last year he said he was in love with a young MAN of 20, my husband is nearly 57. I went to talk with this man, as it happened it was all in my husband’s mind, the young man is actually heterosexual. Anyway, my husband left home and is living alone.

I cannot possibly tell you the suffering and the misery of the past months, when he took the ring off and cried about that boy in our home and told me he did not love me anymore. I believe that a Christian has power to get rid of those sins, however my husband says that he has no power to get rid of this. He says that he has done nothing wrong.

I think the only way (for us to get back together again) is for my husband is to obey God, confess it and leave that type of life, however he says it will happen again. ( he means, to be interested in another man) Can I be excused from continuing to be married to such a man?


In my opinion your husband has committed adultery by publicly confessing his love for another and has warned you that it will happen again. It appears that he feels powerless to prevent this since he moved out and has no intention of returning. Jesus said that marital infidelity is grounds for divorce since it violates the marriage covenant. (Matt. 19:6) He also said that having lustful thoughts about another is as bad as adultery. (Matt. 5:28) Your husband may not have cheated on you physically but he’s done everything short of that and has for all intents and purposes proclaimed himself free to do so in the future.