Choosing What To Believe. Follow Up

Q. Re: Choosing What To Believe.  In this answer you seem to be questioning the salvation of anyone who believes in evolution.  I think this is an unfair conclusion on your part.  It’s not important to me whether you believe in evolution or not. What is important to me is that you allow me and others to believe in evolution without making the accusation that we do not believe in Jesus.

A. You missed my point.  I was wondering how someone could reconcile taking God at His word where our salvation is concerned while at the same time refusing to take Him at His word where the creation is concerned. It’s illogical, and looks like “selective” belief, as if some things in the Bible are true as written while others are not.  (This was the original question.)  But if that’s the case, how are we to know which is which, or is it only our believing that makes things true?

I wasn’t questioning anyone’s salvation, only their justification for denying of the inerrant nature of God’s word.  The plain sense reading of the Creation story is that God spent six 24 hour days doing it. Word studies of the original text overwhelmingly support the plain sense reading. There was no one else there to observe it, which is an essential requirement for science, so no one can prove it happened otherwise. Therefore it seems to me that evolution is really just an alternate belief system for those who don’t want to take God at His word about our origin.

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