Christian Business Question


We have a bridal business in the UK and have just had an inquiry for a dress to be made for a gay female. I don’t believe we can refuse to serve her as we run a public business, but my fiance, who is the fashion designer, says she wont serve her as she feels uncomfortable. Is there biblical teaching about this or wise council that would fit our situation?

There is also a new law coming into play very soon that states no business can discriminate and refuse services and products because a person is gay? Any help please, thank you.


The free market economy, when left alone, is self correcting. Any business should have the right to refuse service to anyone, because there’s already a penalty in place for refusing service. It’s loss of income. Refuse too many people and you go out of business.

That being said, here’s my opinion based on 25 years experience as a Christian business consultant. If you’re running a business for the general public, like a book store for example, then there’s a reasonable expectation on the public’s part that you would carry products that fit a wide variety of personal preferences regardless of whether you would enjoy or approve of them yourself.

But if you’re just addressing a niche market, like a Christian book store does, then it would be reasonable to assume that you wouldn’t provide products for someone outside your defined niche.

The general book store wants to meet the needs of as broad a market segment as possible, in the name of profit. But the Christian book store willingly limits its market, and therefore its profits, because of its owner’s beliefs.

You should decide which alternative fits your case. If you want to address the needs of traditional weddings only, then say so. If it becomes illegal to make that distinction, and you have a strong objection to serving the homosexual market, then you’re faced with the choice of defying the law or finding another line of work.

Remember, the Bible doesn’t say that God hates homosexuals, nor does it say that we should. It says that God hates the sin of homosexuality and that we shouldn’t become one.