Christian Businesses And Homosexuals. More Follow Up


In your follow-up to Christian business owners, you said there is nothing in the Bible about doing business with unbelievers. Wouldn’t Paul’s admonition against being “yoked with unbelievers” and asking what Christ and Belial have with each other constitute at least some warning against that? My wife runs a booth at a Farmer’s market and we have debated how to engage lovingly with the many pagans and homosexuals who thrive in this environment, and yet not compromise our witness. There’s no way to know who buys our products, but certainly I want to avoid teaming up or contracting with someone who is actively against Christ, if only to avoid the appearance of endorsement or enabling them?


You’ re quoting 2 Cor. 6:14. According to your interpretation, you are violating Paul’s admonition by even having a booth at the Farmer’s market. But the Greek word for yoked means to be bound together in a cooperative effort to make a relationship work. It evokes a picture of two oxen pulling a plow or drawing a wagon.

As a vendor with a product for sale you are not trying to make a relationship work with your customers. And you are certainly not endorsing or enabling their lifestyle by selling your products to them. Your motive is to make a profit, and their motive is to acquire a product. Therefore, I don’t think 2 Cor. 6:14 applies in a vendor / customer situation.