Christian Employees And Civil Ceremonies


I totally agree with the answer you gave re: Christian Businesses and Homosexuals. I have a related question: If someone works for a government office issuing marriage licenses, would that person be sinning when issuing a marriage license and/or performing a marriage ceremony for a same sex couple? I just don’t see how a true Christian can put aside God’s word and carry on “business as usual.”


In my opinion it would not be a sin. When a governmental employee issues a marriage certificate to a couple in a government office they are not signifying their personal approval of their marriage. Same is true if they are performing a civil ceremony. In both cases they’re a representative of the government, not of God. If the government they work for has ruled that same sex ceremonies are legal, I think their choice is to either issue the license / perform the ceremony, or ask to be reassigned. If they can’t in good conscience perform the ceremony, and if reassignment is not an option, then they should resign their position. They can’t very well be an employee of the government while refusing to administer its laws.