Did He Deserve It?


I understand that murder is wrong and God deplores it. Is there a case when someone deserves what they get? I’m referencing abortionist Dr. Tiller’s murder. I do not think this was a good thing, but there are reports he has aborted over 60,000 fetuses. Does Genesis 9:6 apply to this situation? What does this verse mean?


What you mean is there are reports he murdered over 60,000 helpless children. Genesis 9:6 authorized capital punishment and does apply here, but only within the parameters of established law. Old Testament Law said a victim’s next of kin was the only one authorized to avenge a wrongful death. In our time the state has assumed that responsibility.

Our failure to act as a society to enforce the law against killing children makes all of us culpable, and that includes the Church. But sad to say abortion is nearly as prevalent among believers as it is in the general population.