Do Real Christians Struggle?


At age 8 I asked Jesus to come into my heart and to save me. But as I grew up I had homosexual attractions. I gave into them for a brief time as an adult. I have repented to the best of my ability and have confessed this to the Lord asking Him to forgive me. I still struggle from time to time with thoughts and even turning to pornography from time to time. It is getting less frequent though. Do real Christians struggle with this? Does this mean I am not saved? I have struggled with doubts about my salvation because of this most of my life.


If you’re asking whether real Christians struggle with sin, the answer is yes we do. But we know that our salvation is not contingent on whether we sin or not, it’s contingent on whether we have accepted the Lord’s death as payment for our sins.

It sounds to me like you’re making the advice James gave us work for you. “Submit yourselves then to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

Just remember that he doesn’t go away forever. He’s always lurking around looking for a chance to exploit any sign of weakness. And one sign of weakness is that we begin to think we’ve gotten rid of him for good and it’s OK to relax a little.