Doom And Gloom?


I, along with many of my friends and born again believers, watch as writer after writer on the RR website send forth messages of gloom and doom. I know through the history of the Bible, that prophets foretold what God wanted them to say. But as the saying goes, you cannot draw bees with vinegar, but you sure can with honey. Is all this doom and gloom really necessary?


For the most part, those of us who contribute articles to Rapture Ready believe in the Pre-Tribulation rapture of the Church and are convinced it could happen any day now. Our messages are to alert the Church that life is not going to get better and we should be ready to depart.

If you consider our impending departure from Earth to begin our eternal life of bliss in the presence of the Lord as doom and gloom, even though we won’t have to die first or endure any of the end time judgments, then you’re not going to be very happy in eternity.