Frustrated With God

Q. I am so frustrated with God, I have been praying for years now, my family and friends too, to save my marriage.  Last night I was talking to my husband again, meanwhile I am praying for God to intervene. He just will not. Nothing. My husband is moving out, he is done, and I stand here helpless.  Where is God?  He is able to move mountains, he can do anything he wants, and if he loves me, why does he not answer my prayers.  I know it is his will we don’t divorce so why is he not stopping this.  Why is he not helping me?

A. In Romans 8:28 Paul said God is working all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. I don’t know anything about you or your husband or what led to this crisis in your marriage.  But I do know something about God’s promises, and that is they all come true. You don’t know what’s ahead for you, but God does, and whether it involves the restoration of your marriage or not you have to have faith that He is working things together for your good.

By the way, while it’s true that God can do anything, that doesn’t mean that He will.  For example He won’t force someone to do anything they refuse to do.  He won’t force us to love Him, or to ask for salvation, and He won’t force your husband to stay in your marriage.  What He will do is make sure Romans 8:28 comes true for you as long as you love Him.

God is not the problem here. My advice is to ask Him to forgive you for being upset with Him. This will restore your fellowship with Him. Read my article on Union and Fellowship to see why this is so important.

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