Why Did God Call It A Sin?


I know homosexuality is a sin but I also know people have trouble with it because they do not understand why it is wrong for two guys or girls to love each other. I know it is Bibically wrong, but is there any moral component to this? For example I know stealing is a sin but that’s because it hurts the persons involved. I am certified to do psychological research so I am wondering why homosexuality is so wrong (besides the Bible saying it is a sin).


I know you believe that when God says something is a sin that’s all the reason we need. So I assume your question is, “Why did God call homosexually a sin?”

In my opinion, there are several reasons. God called it a sin because it violates His commandment against sex outside of marriage, which He defines as the relationship between a man and a woman.

It also violates His commandment to be fruitful and increase in number. It’s a perversion of the method He gave mankind for procreation that cannot produce offspring.

Also, in Leviticus 18 God listed a number of unlawful sexual acts, one of which was homosexuality (Lev. 18:22). He said they were the reason He was bringing the Israelites to drive out the nations that occupied the land He was giving them. He said those nations had defiled the land by committing the acts He spoke of (Lev. 18:24-25) . He made the commission of those acts punishable by death for the Israelites and any foreigners living among them (Lev. 18:26,29).

I have read studies that claim this type of sexual behavior was actually the way those nations worshiped their gods. The same has been said of other pagan cultures as well. I might add that the pagans considered those acts to be consensual and culturally acceptable, so technically they weren’t hurting anyone.

This tells us the forbidden sexual acts of Lev. 18 all had their origins in the worship of pagan gods, something God detests. Added to the violations of His commandments I listed above, we can see why He calls them sins.