Harvesting The Earth

Q. I am a bit confused by Rev 14:14-17. Where do I place this chronologically? Here it is talking about two separate Reaping’s (believers and unbelievers). Later in chapters 16 and 19 it talks of the wrath of God via the seven bowls and culminating in the “wine press” of the wrath of God at Armageddon. There will need to be a physical remnant that enters the Kingdom of God. I read somewhere that only believers will enter the millennium. It would seem to me (based on Rev 14) that there will be a physical gathering of believers at the end of the tribulation period. And that these will be a physical remnant of mankind that will enter and populate the Kingdom. My thinking is that any unbelievers not destroyed in the seven bowls of wrath will be gathered in that reaping and thrown into the mix at Armageddon. Is this correct? And given the location of the reaping chapter, could it be safe to assume that believing remnant of mankind will be spared from the bowls of wrath?

A. I see Rev 14:14-17 as a vision that gives an overview of the coming Great Tribulation, also known as the Bowl Judgments, which begins in Rev. 16. To me the two “reapings” represent Gentile and Jew, not believer and unbeliever. There’s no basis for the opinion that believers will be spared during the Great Tribulation. In fact, Rev. 14:12-13 says the opposite.

At the end of the Great Tribulation, there will be both believing and unbelieving survivors. Their disposition is described in the Sheep and Goat Judgment (Matt. 25:31-46) All unbelievers will be taken off the planet before the Kingdom Age begins, leaving only believing survivors to re-populate Earth.

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