Is Holy Laughter Holy?

Q. I appreciate your answer to my question “Open to Misinterpretation”. I received  an email from a friend. It is full of scripture references that she says support the practice of holy laughter. To me it’s a great example of manipulating scripture to suit your own purpose.  What do you think?

A. Apparently this person looked up all the references to laughing in the Bible and picked some that seemed to her to support her view.  I takes a lot of conjecture and assumption to make it fit.  For example in Psalm 2:4 God is not laughing with joy as a celebration of His victory as she claims.  He’s laughing in scorn at the kings of the earth for being so stupid as to think they can defeat Him. It only takes looking up the word derision in the dictionary to see that.

The Bible doesn’t record a single instance of Old Testament prophets or Jesus or the Disciples or anyone in the early church rolling around on the ground laughing uncontrollably for hours.  That alone should tell us something about the likelihood of this being Biblical.

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