Honor Your Father


My Dad was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. I am the oldest of 8 and 5 of us are followers of Jesus trying to walk in obedience and love. The other 3 are either in direct disobedience, deceived or very weak. All profess to be Christians. One brother, who once walked with the Lord, or seemed to, is now in a homosexual relationship, and believes God made him that way. He has just requested that we all come together in love and lay hands on my Dad and pray for God to heal him. The question the rest of us have is: Can we in good conscience unite in prayer with those who are obviously violating God’s Word? It would be devastating to many relationships and very hard on my parents to refuse, especially in this time of need (they are both followers), but we do not want to dishonor our Lord or disobey Him. Do you have any counsel for us? Thank you and may God richly bless your ministry.


This is about honoring your father and your mother. We’re all sinners, some more blatantly so than others. I think that you should agree to come together and pray for your father’s healing. It would honor him to do so. I believe the Lord will understand and may even use the occasion to strengthen the faith of your weaker siblings. Those of you who are walking with the Lord could get together in advance and ask Him to do this.