How Long Is A Little While?

Q. Revelation 20:3 talks about Satan being released for a little while after the 1000 years. This implies that it will be after the 1000 year millennial period is complete and also a span of time following it. Is there another interpretation of “a little while’ that suggests how long this might be? It sounds like it might be a period of turmoil with Satan being released and everything.  Do you know of any other scripture that is mentioned or could be fulfilled during this period of time?

A. As you’ve said,  Rev. 20:3 explains that Satan will be released from his 1000 year confinement after the end of the  millennium.  But his freedom will last only a short time, literally a little season.  The  Bible doesn’t specify the length of this time but indications are it’s a brief period. In the original Greek the same phrase is used in Rev. 6:11 where the souls of the martyrs are told to wait a short time until the end times judgments are over. For them it will be a period longer than 3.5 years, since the Great tribulation will not have begun yet, but less than 7 years because the world will be in the opening stages of Daniel’s 70th week.

During this short time, Satan will recruit a massive army of people from all over the Earth who will have been born during the Millennium but rejected the Lord as their savior.  (I think the phrase Gog and Magog means they’ll all be gentiles.)  They’ll surround Israel with the intention of capturing Jerusalem.  But before they can do this, God will send fire from Heaven and destroy them all.  At that time Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire to be tormented forever. I’m not aware of any other event that’s prophesied to take place at the same time, although it appears that the Great White Throne judgment will follow it.

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