Is Homosexuality A Gift From God?


I have an 84 year old sister that is being led astray by her Church. They are being taught that being gay is a gift from GOD. Their pastor is a practicing Lesbian. I need help with scripture to show her the error of their church doctrine. Her answer is always we interpret scripture differently than they do. She also says homosexual is not used in the Bible and they are born that way. Help!


Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13 are two Old Testament prohibitions against male homosexuality. In Romans 1:21-27 Paul said both male and female homosexuality came into the world as a punishment for rejecting God. All these verses are clear and cannot be misinterpreted. Therefore homosexuality cannot in any way be considered a gift from God. While the word homosexual may not appear in the Bible it’s clear from reading these passages exactly what God was referring to. And if people are born homosexual then God could not have called for their punishment. It would be like calling for the punishment of people born with blue eyes.

That said, homosexuality is a sin and like every other sin was forgiven at the cross for those who believe (Colossians 2:13-14). This means a believing homosexual can come to the Lord, confess his or her sins, and be forgiven just like those believers who have serious sin problems of some other nature (1 John 1:9).