Is Luke 17:34 About Homosexuals?


My friend and I were discussing Luke 17:34, about two men found in bed together that one shall be taken and the other left. I told my friend that one of the men was struggling with his sin nature but was in a state of repentance even whilst committing sin and no doubt confessed his sin whereas the other was not a believer and was lost. This is why one was taken and the other was left. Am I right in my interpretation?


First, Luke 17:34 says that two men were sleeping in the same bed, not that they were found in bed together. Second, the word “men” does not appear in the original language. It was added by the English translators. The same is true of the word “women” in verse 35.

The word men was assumed in verse 34 because in many cultures it’s not unusual for two men to sleep in the same bed, even today. It’s a matter of economics, not sexual preference. The word women was assumed in verse 35 because grinding grain to make bread has traditionally been women’s work.

Luke 17:34-35 gives us a comparison of two sets of people acting alike, but having different destinies. It shows that people will be accepted or rejected based on inner belief, not external appearances, and has nothing to do with homosexuality.