Is The Holy Spirit A Woman?


I recently found a web-site with a series of articles authored by someone who appears to have a true love for Christ and I feel I have learned a lot about Jesus from these articles.

But I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you. As regards the Holy Spirit, he says the Spirit is “feminine” our “Spiritual Mother”. I have read in other books that the “gender” when referring to the Spirit is “neuter”. If you could recommend any good teaching dealing with this topic(the Holy Spirit) I would appreciate it.


The notion of the Holy Spirit being feminine comes from the pagan view that God was once a woman before the patriarchs of Israel hijacked the people’s religion and made God a man around the time of King Josiah.

They claim that the people retained the feminine deity in the form of Shekinah, which is a Hebrew name for the Holy Spirit. According to them, Shekinah was called Asherah in Canaanite theology and was a fertility goddess and the consort of Jehovah. It was said that Jehovah and Shekinah met in the Holy of Holies each Friday night as the Sabbath began, to act out the Song of Solomon in a sexual liaison. For more information on this you can read my study called “When God Was A Woman.” It’s in the Selah directory under Tough Questions Answered.

While there is neither Biblical nor historical support for this idea and the very idea is repulsive to both Jews and Christians, it has re-emerged recently in the DaVinci Code where Shekinah is referred to as “the divine feminine”.

Of course this belief constitutes blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, a sin that our Lord said would not be forgiven in this life or the next.