Keeping The Marriage Bed Pure, Follow Up


I have never heard anyone,including you, tell truth about the marriage bed. I was so disappointed in your answer. Anyone could justify anything with your answer! Why not tell the truth? I was delivered from the gay lifestyle. Sodomy is wrong. Period! It is unclean and unnatural. Many will go to hell because no one taught the truth!


The Bible says that two people of the same gender are forbidden from engaging in sexual activity that is reserved for a married heterosexual couple. It doesn’t give a list of acceptable and unacceptable sexual activity for married couples. The marriage bed is the place where a man and woman who are married to each other sleep and engage in such activity. Since you’ve never heard any definition of the marriage bed that agrees with yours, maybe you should wonder if yours is incorrect.

Also no born again believer can go to hell for any reason, and no one who is not born again can go anywhere else. And finally the dictionary definition of sodomy includes other forms of sexual activity besides anal intercourse.