Loving Our Enemies, Follow Up


Re: Loving Our Enemies. Careful Jack, you are starting to sound like a conspiracy type here when you said:

“But as a nation we have the right and responsibility to protect and defend ourselves against attack. I believe that Saddam Hussein was behind the explosion of the Federal building in Oklahoma City, and I know that he tried to assassinate one of our presidents.”

Yes, Hussein did try to have a sitting US president assassinated but to my knowledge no concrete evidence has ever tied him to the Oklahoma City bombing or even either of the World Trade Center attacks.

Could he have been involved? Anything is possible, there is still a lot of un-translated documents captured when we took Iraq that could contain the proof. However until the hard proof evidence is presented I consider all that just pure speculation and “rumor” mongering.


You need to read a book called “The Third Terrorist” By Jayna Davis, an investigative reporter for the OK City NBC affiliate and eyewitness to the event, before dismissing me as a conspiracy theorist. And I didn’t try to connect Saddam to the NYC bombings in my answer titled “Loving Our Enemies”.