Mixing Christianity And Politics?


Our President, who claims to be a Christian, stands opposed to the biblical position on many, if not most, of the moral and spiritual issues facing our nation. Democrats stand for abortions, same sex marriages, and putting a gay agenda in our schools. Many are for a one world Govt which we know will happen in end times. They demand Jesus be removed from everything. Someone asked me if you could be a Christian and a Democrat at the same time. I am wondering the same thing.


When people ask me what political party I belong to, I say I’m a monarchist awaiting the return of my King. I believe it’s very difficult these days for a Christian to be a member of any political party. Aside from all the corruption, politics concerns the things of this world and although we’re in the world, we are not part of it (John 18:36). We know that only the perfect reign of our Lord can solve the problems this world, but unfortunately He is not currently a candidate for office.