More On Homosexuality


Read your article re homosexual practice with interest.

Your statement that when you are born again if we do sin and ask for forgiveness it is forgiven. I agree but if one continues sinning the same sin you did as unsaved is it forgiven. Because if you are “Born again of the spirit of GOD” when you sin you feel great remorse and look to God to deliver you from this sin.

If I kill a person and commit my life to Christ but continue to kill people,something is wrong. At rebirth the old should be gone the new man should desire the things of the spirit.

I say this because when I do something that I know I shouldn’t I feel terrible and when I ask for forgiveness it is sometimes with deep remorse that I approach the Lord. I have weaknesses and I know that is where the enemy will always attack so I earnestly look to God for help,Grace and mercy to deliver me from the temptation and desire to sin.

I agree once you are “Born Again” sin is forgiven but it must be a new man, right?


I know you don’t mean to come across this way, but you don’t sound very merciful. When the Lord told Peter that he had to forgive a brother 70 X 7 times He didn’t condition that by adding, “Unless it’s the same sin over and over.” Have you never committed the same sin twice?

I believe that sexual behavior can be addictive just like drugs or gambling or overeating. If you’ve been blessed with a life free of addiction then thank the Lord for that. But while you’re doing so, ask also for mercy on behalf of those who struggle every day to maintain control of their lives. At the end of the parable of the unmerciful servant (Matt. 18:21-35) that was prompted by Peter’s question, the Lord had the king (who represented God) saying, “I forgave you all your debt because you asked me to. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant as I had on you?” It’s a good question for all of us.

When Jesus went to the cross, all of the sins of our life were in the future. Yet He knew every one of them and nailed them all to the cross. (Colossians 2:13-15) No where in the Bible is there even a hint that He left some of our debt unpaid.