Who Is My Neighbor? Follow Up


Your answer to Who is my neighbor was not Biblical, it was political. It was not focused on treasures in God’s kingdom, rather focused on treasure here on earth. Jesus did not qualify His command to love others as ourselves and we are wrong to add qualifiers. Why not pray about and see if God leads you to change your response as people who read your site think of you as speaking for God. Both you and I know God would not have said what you did. It shows prejudice against people who are poor and needy.


I beg to differ. In the first place, treasures in God’s Kingdom are stored up by individuals, not nations (Matt. 6:19-21).

If you want to personally invite a needy person or family from another country into your home to help them, you will be storing up treasure in Heaven. But being a Christian you will also abide by the laws of our country in doing so (Romans 13:1). That means the first thing you will do is to make sure they have a legal right to be here.

Our country was built on the strength of legal immigration, and for most of our history that has been the way the poor and needy from other countries came here and prospered.

Lately our government has decided not to enforce our immigration laws, but to provide illegal immigrants with many of the rights and privileges of citizenship including public schooling, welfare, and other forms of assistance without becoming citizens. Some states even allow illegal immigrants to vote, and there’s a push to make this more common. All this is a violation of the law.

I think the Bible shows that God does not condone violations of the law even when our intentions are good. If He did He could have overlooked everyone’s sins and saved us all without having to die for us.

But it turns out that refusing to enforce our immigration laws was not done because of good intentions. It was done because politicians know that the more they can give people the more likely those people are to vote for them. Giving people all the rights and privileges of citizenship without requiring them to meet any of the qualifications is a sure way to get their vote.

So you see my answer wasn’t political. It wasn’t even politically correct. It’s what the politicians are doing that’s political.